Abdominal cramps after tumor removal

A woman who was 59 years old at the time of the initial consultation in my practice was removed four years earlier, a 2.5kg benign tumor on the right ovary. At the same time, the uterus, both ovaries and the appendix were also operated out during this procedure. Due to the size of the tumor, urination and bowel movements were more difficult or altered before the operation. After the operation, both normalized quickly. However, shortly after the operation, cramps occurred in the abdomen ("under the abdominal skin"), stings in the abdomen and a "bump" on or in the abdomen... that's how my patient described her discomfort to me. These disorders have occurred almost daily for four years. In addition, she also had pain almost daily in the cervicohoracic transition, i.e. at the transition from the cervical spine to the thoracic spine. Gynecologically, everything was without findings.

In my diagnosis, the abdomen was most noticeable in terms of palpatory: In the right lower abdomen, the organs, i.e. small intestine, large intestine, and the operated region of the tumor and uterus could not be well distinguished from each other, it felt like a contiguous mass, like a "lump". I found the situation in the left lower abdomen not quite as pronounced. I associate this palpation with pronounced adhesions/adhesions in the abdomen, as they often occur after abdominal surgery. For example, it is known that after two gynecological operations, e.g. caesarean section, 99% subsequent adhesions can be assumed. Hyperkyphosis with hypomobility appeared at the cervicohoracic transition.

I mainly carried out my treatment on the abdomen: visceral techniques for mobilizing the organs and the entire operated region, so that the "lump" should feel like a normal abdomen again. I only treated the neck briefly.

For the second treatment, 14 days later, the stings in the abdomen had only occurred once, the neck pain were also significantly better. The right and left lower abdomen felt more normal again during the examination, the organs no longer "glued" to each other so strongly. I only performed one treatment on the abdomen.

The third treatment took place three weeks after the second. The stings/sms only appeared briefly and weakly once again, the neck no longer caused any problems, the feeling of the "bump" in the stomach had disappeared.

Two things impress me again and again: The adhesions in the abdomen have disturbed my patient for four years. Within two treatments within 14 days and a total of 5 weeks after first contact, the symptoms disappeared and at the same time the abdomen felt normal again, not like a lump. I don't know if the adhesions have dissolved. I can't look inside, but in my opinion they no longer have a functional effect on the symptoms. The second is the obvious connection to the neck pain: Almost daily neck pain does not disappear due to what I did on the neck in the first treatment. I focused on the stomach, so I spent little time on the neck. Nevertheless, the symptoms parallel to the abdomen have improved significantly. I see a connection. Osteopathy is referred to as chains due to which symptoms are related. In this case, to put it strikingly, the "lump" in the abdomen has affected the patient down and the neck. The adhesions in the abdomen have been functionally effective via other body structures upwards, so that the cervicohoracal transition could no longer move sufficiently freely, it was the weakest link on the musculoskeletal system and began to hurt. These connections are often not paid enough attention to.