Shouder and Neck Pain - for Years

A 41-year-old female patient had been suffering for years from pain in the area of the shoulder as well as in the neck up towards the head. This symptom had been present for several years already and on both sides (more on the left than on the right side). She had also been suffering for some time already from headaches, especially after consuming coffee. In addition to this sensitivity to coffee, she also had a hard time tolerating greasy foods, sweets, and alcohol.

Her dietary sensitivities pointed to an overburdened liver and gallbladder. Diagnostic findings also showed the stomach to be conspicuous in the osteopathic sense. All three of these organs can cause pain in the head, shoulder, and neck.

The thoracic aperture had more fascial tension on the right than the left, the collarbone was also fixated fascially, and her cervical vertebrae were hypomobile and hyperkyphotic at the cervicothoracic transition in extension.

In the first treatment session, I mobilized the stomach and released the blockages in the thoracic aperture. For the liver, I advised her to take an artichoke compound and do a liver cleanse with lemon and olive oil.

The second session followed after four weeks, the third one an additional week later. At this time, she was no longer suffering from headaches, and the shoulder and neck pain were very clearly reduced.

The combination of an osteopathic organic dysfunction and a mechanical constriction in the thoracic aperture had made life difficult for her for many years.