Abdominal Pain Lasting for 30 Years

A male patient of about 55 years visited my practice and reported daily abdominal pain for about 30 years. No cause was found in spite of numerous searches.

In the right upper abdomen, the liver felt congested in the osteopathic sense. It was furthermore limited in its mobility. The entire treatment focused on restoring normal mobility in the liver, decongesting the liver, and improving circulation therein. At the end of the treatment, I also gave him some dietary advice aimed at stimulating the metabolism and detoxifying the liver.

After about 5 weeks, the patient came back. His abdominal pain had disappeared already several days after the first treatment - for the first time in 30 years.

The liver is an organ of detoxification and can be impaired in its function by a variety of toxins (medications, alcohol, etc.) or viral diseases (e.g. hepatitis, Pfeiffer's glandular fever). In this context, it is important to stress that the blood values for the liver can be completely normal, which was the case with this patient as well. Nevertheless, the liver had been suffering from impaired function in the osteopathic sense for a long time already and was responsible for the abdominal pain.