Pain between the shoulder blades, headache, lumbar spine syndrome

Since her school days, my patient has been plagued by severe headaches from the upper back.

These pain attacks were triggered by various movements: head-in-the-neck laying (a short high view of the sky was enough), carrying the weight of a water box for a few meters, longer standing, wearing a riding helmet. When these headaches began in puberty, they were not taken seriously, an orthopedist hung her weights on the forehead to increase a stretching backwards. Since then, she has hardly been able to take a glass out of an upper cabinet without getting any pain.

She is 44 years old, moves a lot, does yoga several times a week, goes to the physiotherapist at least once a week, walks a lot every day and actually rides, which she rarely dared in recent months.

My patient has two children - at the birth of the first daughter there was severe internal bleeding, since then she has also had problems with the pelvic floor, which she regularly trains. She got her second daughter by caesarean section.

Seven years ago, she had several herniated discs in the lumbar vertebra area, was repeatedly injected under CT control and got a lot of physiotherapy, she has not become really painless since then. Pain often pulls into the legs, the lumbar area felt like a burning belt.

After a neck extension due to the removal of the thyroid gland, she had a major incident in the cervical spine and was used a cage. Since then, the muscles between the shoulder blades have become more and more cramped, it has always been drawn from there into her head, but now she throws over several times a week with pain. Only after a few hours can you notice how everything is relaxed and the haunting is over.

On the day of the first treatment, the headache and the pain between the shoulder blades were in the foreground. Since this was a very complex case and I cannot do justice to all the symptoms in a treatment, I concentrated on it, especially since the lumbar spine hardly came forward that day. The findings revealed a few joint dysfunctions in the upper and middle BWS as well as an accompanying hypertension of the fascia of the neck and neck. The liver had an osteopathic disorder of viscoelasticity and the Nn. occipitails major et minor and the A. occipitalis were fascinially disturbed on both sides with great pressure dolenz in palpation. I focused my treatment on it and dismissed it with a few self-exercises to support my treatment approach.

Two days after the treatment, she wrote to me: "...I tolerated the treatment! Honestly, I was a little worried in advance if I would feel worse afterwards... But I woke up with the feeling that I can hang my shoulders looser and haven't squeezed my neck/neck anymore..."

17 days after the treatment, she wrote again: "... Unbelievable, but I only had a single small pain attack since the treatment! And my horse had hopped around with me in the field... but now the lower back is complaining more again, but this terribly unpleasant pain between the shoulders with nausea is gone..."

Five weeks after the first treatment, she came to the second treatment. In total, there were only 3 headache attacks during this time, also acute for treatment, as she had renovated the kitchen the weekend before. Yoga could be done better. After 5 weeks after treatment, it can be said that the joint dysfunctions were the primary cause and the fascial hypertension and the pressure dolence with headache character of the nerves and artery around it have developed. And that for a long time. That these complaints disappeared with treatment is not common, but possible, as has been seen in this case.

But new pain had come to the fore, namely in the lumbar spine. In 2012, there were conservatively supplied herniated discs at the level L4/5 and L5/S1. In the same year, her first daughter was born and there was heavy internal bleeding during childbirth. My new finding in the abdomen showed a uterus that felt like a stone (spasm). I treated this organ osteopathically viscoelastically. The tension decreased during the treatment, as well as her acute headache, the pain in the lumbar spine and she was easier to straighten up. The fact that the treatment also had an upward effect shows once again how everything is connected in the body.

Five days after the second treatment, I received this email: "... Again, I can give you positive feedback - in the first two or three days after the treatment on Tuesday, I had increased pressure between the shoulder blades and especially in the lumbar vertebra area - and then suddenly the feeling of liberation was there on Friday! I was even in the cold for hours on Friday and had to stand, danced on slightly higher shoes last night and wore laundry baskets today - but everything is fine!..."

An amplified symptom after treatment is possible. However, as long as the symptoms improve significantly, you are on the right track. This has happened here. The body has sought and found a new and better balance. Always amazing, also for me, is the regenerative power of our body.

After two more treatments, the symptoms have improved significantly, a life without restrictions is possible again. Three weeks after the fourth treatment, I receive the following email: "... For me, it almost borders on magic - I almost celebrated carnival for three days (in one day there were 18 km on my movement app - just dancing!), then we were in Holland and always walked at the stand for a long time, movements that otherwise went terribly from my intervertebral discs into my legs - and I had practically no problems! Two or three times I threw in an ibu when I thought it could start a pain, but that was more worry... I've hardly been feeling well for years, thank you very much!!..."