Abdominal Pain

For about five years, a 44-year-old woman has been experiencing a feeling of pressure in the area of the stomach and below it - but above the navel, especially after eating anything later than 7 pm. This feeling of pressure disappears over night, but gradually builds up again after getting up. She is not suffering from gastritis (inflammation of the lining of the stomach) and is also without any other findings from the biomedical perspective. A chiropractic manipulation on the thoracic spine provides relief for about 15 minutes. She is able to eat anything and describes her digestion as normal.

The osteopathic examination revealed a joint dysfunction in the area of the transition from the cervical to the thoracic spine, a blockage in the temporomandipular joint, and a pronounced hypomobility (reduced mobility) in the stomach and small intestine. The vegetative nerves for these organs (celiac plexus and superior mesenteric ganglion) also showed disturbances.

In treatment, I focused mainly on the organs with the goal of restoring their mobility and balancing out the vegetative nerves. At her second visit - roughly 6 weeks after the first treatment, - about 80 percent of her complaints were gone. She no longer had any feeling of pressure in the abdominal area and was able to eat after 7 pm without triggering the symptoms.