Knee pain after jogging

This is a short case report about a patient who came to me because she had pain while jogging.

She is a very committed jogger who regularly and often completes 100km or more in the season and without any problems.

During one of these runs, she fell on her left knee. That was about a month before consultation. Apparently nothing was injured, so she continued to run - and still 90km!

Shortly afterwards, progressive pain occurred in the area of the chewo-lateral knee area towards fibula head while jogging, sitting and going downhill. Reproducible and daily. An MRI did not reveal any results. Mobility was active and passively finally possible and all ligamentary tests on the knee were also without findings. There were no joint dysfunctions. The knee also looked completely inconspicuous: no swelling or edema, no signs of abrasions, etc. Visceral etc. everything o.B., but I didn't expect that in direct causality.

Only the fascial movement of the tissue around the pain area showed immobility in the superficial fascia. That was my only clue for treatment. I carried out fascial mobilizations around the lateral knee area. After approx. For 10 minutes, the patient should provoke the pain, which she succeeded before starting treatment - now still, but with less intensity. I continued to work on the fascia and after another 15 minutes the pain was gone and could no longer be triggered. So it remained in everyday life and sports.

I think she contracted a "dent" in the fascia corset due to the fall. This fascial disorder has impaired the functionality of the knee joint, so that not only jogging, but also everyday movements were restricted.