Unfulfilled desire to have children

A 29-year-old patient came to my practice with a desire to have children that has not been fulfilled for 7 years. Over the course of these years, fibroids have been removed from the uterus several times. In 2010, there was a pregnancy for 10 weeks after a myoma removal - the child was then lost. A scraping took place twice. The husband's spermogram was good, so an insemination was carried out three times in the past six months before the consultation, always without success. Three months before the appointment in my practice, the therapy of iron deficiency anemia was started.

The treatment included techniques for improving circulation of the uterus and craniosacral therapy to influence pituitary hormones. The day after the treatment, menstruation began. This was too early, but is a frequently observed aftermath of treatment. The menstrual period was significantly stronger than usual.

A second treatment did not take place, because pregnancy occurred in the following cycle.

A pronounced iron deficiency anemia is a serious reason why pregnancy cannot occur or cannot be carried out. By starting the therapy of iron deficiency anemia, the physical condition for gravity has been significantly improved. The strong reaction to the treatment (strong mens) could be described as cleansing, which has further improved the overall situation, so that pregnancy has now been accepted by the body.

Various circumstances certainly came together favorably here, so that this osteopathic treatment had the desired success.