Bowel movements problems after colon surgery

A 60-year-old man came to my practice after he had to endure a sigma resection of about 30cm 3 years earlier due to diverticulosis. It was apparently prone to adhesions, because a total of three adhesiolysis were carried out in the abdomen. Brides were found.

His overall situation was such that he had bowel movements problems: pencil chair and pseudoileus were vocabulary that had fallen. He took laxatives every day and had to deal with flatulence with simultaneous wind conditions.

Such a situation requires great palpatory experience with the organs and I advise caution! Treatment of the abdomen must also be carried out with respectful restraint.

There are no standards for the palpations of the abdomen, so I can only write about my experiences here. The normal intestinal area feels soft. You can usually palp the sigma and distinguish it well from the small intestine, which presents itself as a soft mass and sometimes in such a way that you can feel individual loops.

In my patient, I was dealing with partial removal of the colon, so the palpation is fundamentally different from normal. In addition, the entire intestinal area could feel like a lump. On the left side in the lower abdomen, this feeling maximized. The goal here was to transfer from this lumpy state to a normal one. This was achieved in three treatments. This had also normalized his stool behavior.