Hay Fever and Allergic Asthma

Whether it is a weakness of the immune system or an allergic reaction, osteopathic treatment can be helpful in both cases.

A boy of about ten years was brought to my practice because he was suffering from hay fever and allergic asthma already at a young age.

In a series of osteopathic treatments, I aimed at balancing the reactions of the immune system and strengthening the lung. For this purpose, it was necessary to release blockages in the thoracic spine, mobilize the chest as a whole, and treat the vegetative nervous system, especially the vagus nerves. This was achieved by means of craniosacral manipulation on the skull.

Treatment sessions took place in intervals of 2-3 weeks for a total of one year because you can only compare apples to apples, or in other words, the success of the treatment revealed itself only in a comparable allergy-causing situation, hence at the same time of the year.

After about three months, it already became obvious that the asthma attacks and hay fever occurred with less frequency and strength. At the conclusion of the series of treatments, no more asthma attacks were occurring at all, and there were barely any symptoms of hay fever.

We agreed to resume treatment if any symptoms of asthma reappeared.