Tietze syndrome

Listen to his patients! This often leads you to the cause.

A 38-year-old man came to my practice 5 weeks ago with pain during inhalation in the chest area and along the rib arch to the thoracic spine. This sounds classic like a dysfunction of the BWS with rib involvement.

He had these complaints since 2011 after "cracking" in the Sternocostal joint. He reminded the trigger exactly. This was followed by an odyssey through the medical operation with X-ray, MRI and various specialist visits...without result in the findings or successful therapy.

During the palpation of the sternocostal joints, the third joint on the left was very painful and the result resulted in joint dysfunction of the 3. Rib left posterior with vertebral joint involvement. A fascial participation was obvious. In the thorax, the finding can be called Tietze syndrome.

I corrected the joint dysfunltion of the thoracic spine and rib sternocostal. A fascinating detonization of the region from the BWS along the rib arch to the sternum complemented the treatment. My patient should perform self-stretching with combined breathing technique at home every day. 5 weeks later, he appeared on the following date with significantly improved findings: The pain occurred rarely, significantly less and only briefly. The joint disorders were no longer detectable. The fascia still showed too high tension, so that fascial therapy was even further induced.

Patients often know what they have. You just have to want to listen